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Professional Hitting/Fielding Lessons

Learn proper hitting mechanics with an advanced offensive approach.  The following areas will be emphasized.

  • Create repeatable swing mechanics while learning an approach and a consistent routine.
  • Learn the importance of core strength and hip mobility with use of medicine balls and band work.
  • Use of video analysis with immediate feedback from side by side comparisons of MLB Hitters.
  • Drills that will create a proper fundamental foundation for fielding and throwing mechanics.
  • Agility drills to improve foot-work.
  • Drills that will enhance flexibility.
  • All work is done in a controlled positive environment.

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Professional Pitching Lessons

Learn proper pitching and throwing fundamentals in a one-on-one environment.  The following areas will be emphasized.

  • Pre-and Post-throwing arm exercises
  • Flat-ground throwing program
  • Long-toss routine
  • Mechanical analysis
  • Bullpen sessions
  • Controlling the running game
  • Pitch-development
  • Learn how to "Attack a Hitter"
  • Developing the "Mental Approach to Pitching"

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