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Testimonials from Grizzlies Players and Parents
"The Grizzlies program has provided an opportunity for all youth players in the Santa Barbara area to get coached, to play with, and play against in the highest quality situation available.  The coaches extensive experience and contacts will help allow players that work hard and have talent to get to the next level.  This is not a sales pitch, it is information that you should consider when making the decision where you son should play and get the most out of this important time in their development." Richard Schroeder Grizzlies Parent 2011

"We would like to thank the coaches of the Grizzlies for their hard work and vision in creating a local program that guides the area youth baseball to reach their dreams of playing at the "next level".  The coaching staff is uniquely qualified with former collegiate, Minor League and Major League baseball experience.  The staff knows what it takes mentally and physically to be successful on each rung of the baseball ladder.  Our son Kevin as a sophomore at Santa Barbara High School, has been coached by the Grizzlies since he was 9 years old.  His experience this past summer and currently allows my son the opportunity to work on his game year around.  We are thankful for the guidance the program has provided towards Kevin's success both on and off the field." Steve Gowdy Grizzlies Parent 2012

"I am very thankful for everything you guys have done for me. I have had an amazing experience playing for the Grizzlies and learning from you guys.  I am grateful for the program helping me get my name out and getting noticed by some amazing colleges.  I have learned a lot about baseball and the recruiting process from being a part of the Grizzlies Program." Avery Tuck Current Grizzlies Player 2012

"My son Ryan has been fortunate to play for numerous teams and coaches over the years.  He has had great experiences with  Dennis Santos, Dave Kohler, and Aaron Martinez. They have had a positive impact and taught him how to deal with certain situations.  What is unique now is that when it comes to the Grizzlies he is fortunate to have an entire staff that is making a difference.  The coaching staff of the Grizzlies have all brought a positive mental and instructional approach to his development.  The coaches are down to earth and are focused on teaching the fundamentals of the game and most importantly make it an enjoyable experience.  My son is looking forward to working with them over the next few years." John Guardino Grizzlies Parent 2013

"The Grizzlies Baseball Program has top notch coaching which include college coaches to professional scouts.  The coaching staff is committed to helping each player to get to the next level."  The Coffey Family Grizzlies Parent 2014

"Our son Michael has really enjoyed the Grizzlies . The program's focus on player development as the priority with excellent coaches that have MLB and collegiate experience while in a fun atmosphere really has made it a great experience.  Providing opportunities like the P3 Peak Performance Project in Santa Barbara to help develop in athletic performance skills is just one of those examples of how the Grizzlies focus on the player as a whole for their long term growth and development, that as a parent we so appreciate." Michael Moschitto Grizzlies Parent 2015

"It was an amazing experience to have such knowledgeable coaches who provided constructive and positive feedback to help embellish the talent of the boys.  The coaching staff was extremely helpful with the process of recruitment in what to expect and how the boys should handle themselves with college coaches.  This program is very beneficial to boys that are striving to play ball in college."  Kerri Churchill Grizzlies Parent 2016


"The Coastal Cubs/Grizzlies has been an important part of my son's development in baseball.  The program has helped channel his desire and abilities to get the most out of both.  With the program's guidance and credibility in the college and professional community, they have placed players in the right venues for them to shine. Personally it has resulted in DI colleges offering scholarships or showing genuine interest well before the signing period.  This is the only program in SB/Goleta are that has done this." John Guardino Grizzlies Parent 2016


"The Coastal Cubs/Grizzlies has done an outstanding job of developing the boys baseball skills during the summer months.  The program has been very helpful in the decision making process for the families who's boys want to play at the next level." The Palme Family Grizzlies Parent 2016